VPN Connections Made Simple

Securing your internet connection has never been so easy.

* The VPN.ht desktop client is currently under the testing phase (Alpha) and may be unstable. Read blog post

Application preview

Easy connection

Simply enter your username and password into the dashboard, select one of our VPN servers and click connect.

Multi-encryption support

Our leading-edge VPN service hides your online activity with military-grade 64, 128 or 256-bit encryption. That makes it virtually impossible to monitor your online activity.

Open Source

Unlike some of our competitors that ask for customers trust not only on networking, but also when installing closed-source software with full-access to users machines, we release our client as free and open source. - Github

Quick VPN Server Selection

Server Map

Geographic recommendations

VPN servers located closest to your physical location will usually be the fastest for your internet connection.

Random server selection

For increased anonymity you may want to connect to random VPN server locations. Randomly connect to any location, random servers in specific countries.

Server map

All of our VPN servers are marked out on our server map, useful for visual identification. Your physical location is also marked helping you see the distance between servers.