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Are Government Surveillance Projects Really Intended to Safeguard The People?

The US is dubbed as the land of the free and home of the brave. Ironically though, most Americans already feel as if America is no longer the proud land of the free. Many US citizens are now feeling more and more unsatisfied with their freedom these days. Who could blame them, right? With all kinds of surveillance schemes that the government has been trying to device and implement, there is really no more guarantee of each and everybody's privacy.

We can't really say how widespread the US government's surveillance capabilities are. But we're certain that their eyes and cameras are everywhere. They can look into internet activities, communication lines, phone details and even financial information of every individual in the country; and maybe even other people in the world.

This kind of notorious surveillance is really frightening. It is even more remarkable how the government is able to control private companies and enterprises to sell or share their collected consumer data.

NSA's PRISM program was reportedly able to access the servers of technology giants like Google, Apple and Facebook. And for those of you that use these services, a word of advice: be wary about your activities since we are now under the watchful eyes of the US government. They can see our search history, our emails, our live chat conversations and even the files we share with others. In other words, when we're surfing the internet, we're basically leaving evidence of our valuable and personal details.

But seriously, the NSA keeps getting away with spying accusations. The government even justified certain surveillance schemes as means of fighting terrorism and child pornography. NSA's powers to spy also extend overseas. Not only are Americans being spied on, everybody else are too.

According to reports, Americans are the most spied on citizens in the world with a whopping 99.7% of the population under radar. Americans' communications and transaction details are being recorded and stored by the US government. That's true. The US has all the tools and capacity to conduct a nationwide surveillance.

As if these surveillance practices are not enough yet. Senator Bob Corker even urged the NSA to spy on more Americans. In 2013, Senator Corker had a different stand about NSA's spying practices. He even went as far as forwarding an angry letter to the President of the United States voicing his concerns about the broad data collection scheme going on at that time. "It's almost malpractice! That's the best word I can use to describe the amount of data that is being collected." Corker said at a breakfast for reporters hosted by The Christian Science Monitor. Source: TechDirt.com

So with all the spying practices happening around us, how can anyone even enjoy the benefits and advantages of modern technology? If all our internet activities are being monitored, our calls and text messages recorded and our freedom slowly being suppressed, will there ever be a way to hide from surveillance schemes?

Gladly, we now have a technology called a VPN. It's time to be free from the spying government. Find out how a VPN can make you anonymous.

Posted in Privacy on May 12, 2016

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