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VPN ht forall iOS devices!

Due to an overwhlemin demand and feedback from our users, the time has come and we are pleased to announce the official release our new VPN.ht version for iOS.

With a sleek interface and all the functionality you could ever wish for, the new VPN.ht for iOS will keep you safe, annoymous and most of all, protect your privacy while you are on the go with your iOS device.

Posted on Mar 10, 2016

Blocked content

If you live in a place where some sites or services are blocked or if you are trying to access US-Blocked content then you can connect to our servers and surf the web freely.

Your Privacy

If you don't want websites, your ISP, or hackers snooping on your activities, then a VPN provides the protection you need. We encrypts your data while it's in transit, making it unreadable for third parties. We also hides your IP address and location by giving you an anonymous IP.

At VPN.ht, your security is our top priority. We do not log your browsing activity.

We are a privacy-focused service and have a strict no logging policy !

We do not track or monitor user activities while connected to our servers.